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Connie Taylor Krupp is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Temple University Dance Program in Philadelphia, PA. She holds both a Master's Degree in Dance Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Modern Dance. She has danced professionally in New York City and was the Assistant Director of the exclusive Lotte Berk Method. At that time, she toured and performed professionally throughout Germany, including a guest artist performance on MTV Europe promoting an "Anti-Drug" theme.

In 1981 Taylor began to introduce modern dance to churches and formed a dance ministry, State of Grace. In 1986 she co-founded and danced with "Cornerstone Dance Company" in Philadelphia and in 1995 she became the Co-Founder of the Arts Triumphant Conservatory in Jacksonville, FL. Taylor has performed in New Zealand and Australia and has taught and danced in England, Holland and France.

Husband Dan's career moved the family to Indiana in 1997 and soon Taylor was teaching again at Taylor University Fort Wayne and The Fort Wayne Dance Collective. In 2000, State of Grace became a non-profit dance-based arts ministry. Since that time Taylor has written and choreographed numerous SG concerts and presentations which have been performed in churches, synagogues, universities, concert halls, museum-monumental sites and Christian conferences.

Never one to stop moving, Taylor and family journeyed to live abroad in England in the autumn of 2002. A year later, they returned stateside to settle in Northern Virginia. Throughout the intercontinental and stateside moves, Taylor has continued to direct the State of Grace company via extensive commuting.

Her movable lifestyle has taught her that no matter where you reside that the best "state" to live in  is

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