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When That Nightmare You Always Have Actually Happens in Real Life . . .

We have all had that awful nightmare . . .

You know the one.

You are onstage in front of a lot of people and then . . .

Something goes terribly wrong!

You forgot where to go onstage;

You can't remember your dance;

You are completely unprepared!

Yes, most performers have experienced those cortisol-laced nightmares at one time or another.

Takesha Stoll, the Director of the Goshen High School Winter Guard in Indiana, recently had one of those "onstage nightmares".

But she was wide awake.

Even worse; she wasn't onstage -- she was offstage; watching it happen live to her Winter Guard Team during their performance at their very first

Winter Guard International regional finals.

In the middle of their routine, the music completely stopped.

In most situations, the performers would stop too.

But the Goshen High School Winter Guard didn't because . . .

They knew where to go onstage;

They remembered their dance;

They were completely prepared!

Sometimes the most beautiful things transpire in the midst of the worst case scenario.

Click the article above and watch the inspiring video of these young performers turning a nightmare scenario into an unforgettable experience!

A Proud Moment Afterwards:

Takesha embraces her Winter Guard Team after their heartwarming performance.

Clearly, this team has heart, soul and courage!

(And one great director!)

Land o' Goshen!

I think this team fits Ernest Hemingway's description of courage.

"Courage is grace under pressure."

+ + + + +

Note: Takesha Stoll is one of State of Grace's original dancers (circa 1999).

Her State of Grace call sign/nickname is "Shepherd".

Clearly it fits her.

* Many thanks to FloMarching and Michael Gilley for giving us permission to share these images and article.

Please share your thoughts  &  Grace-Full comments below!

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