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Honoring Our Birth Mothers . . . Whoever & Wherever They Might Be . . .

Today is National Birth Mother's Day

Today is National Birth Mother's Day.

For me, it is a day of immense gratitude because I was adopted.

I am forever grateful to the young woman who chose to have me and make arrangements for another couple to become my parents.

I have no way to personally thank her for giving me life;

and I wonder if she is aware that This Day is Her Day.

Does she celebrate it, knowing that she made someone else's life possible?

Is she content in knowing that she granted a childless couple

their greatest desire in life?

Or is she a little sad?

Does she try to forget?

I will never forget what she did for me.

For nine months she laid down her life so that I could have mine.

What a gift!

Today I will celebrate her with great love and gratitude.

To my Birth Mother,

I thank you for your Bravery & your Sacrifice!

(By the way, you are a grandmother and your grandchildren thank you too!)

Please share your thoughts  &  Grace-Full comments below!

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