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I Hear the Sound of National Tap Dance Day!

Today is the day to tap your feet to some music!

You don't have to be a tapper to celebrate this slap-happy form of dance . . .

Just sit on a chair and tap out a rhythm on the floor! Before you know it, you'll feel like you are in some old musical or vaudeville act.

When we think of Tap, certain figures usually spring to mind:

Icons like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, or Gregory Hines . . .

But are you familiar with John W. Bubbles?

John earned the moniker "Father of Rhythm Tap" for his fancy footwork

(and taught tap dance to a certain pupil named Fred Astaire).

Treat yourself on this National Tap Dance Day to a mini-class on John W. Bubbles taught by the great Gregory Hines on YouTube.

Be sure to watch the back-to-back sessions!

It'll make you want to Tap!

(click the pic to watch)

John William Sublett (Stage Name: John W. Bubbles)

February 19, 1902 - May 18, 1986

*Image of John W. Bubbles; courtesy of the New York Public Library

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