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What A Beautiful Day!

Yes, it is a Beautiful Day . . .

It's National Make Life Beautiful Day!

But you can make it MORE beautiful

by participating in this little-known National Holiday.

I knew about this day in advance, so I was able to kick-start it early this morning by arranging some freshly-cut peonies for my dining room table.

As I smelled the fragrance and stared into the faces of the lush blooms, I thought about how easy it is to make each day more beautiful.

It's the little things really.

The things that often only take a few seconds, but have the power

to re-route the way the whole day goes.

Especially for others.

It can be something as small as dropping a compliment on someone's Facebook post. Maybe they really, really needed one. Or maybe not, but it will be appreciated anyway.

Maybe it's making a cheerful comment to the check-out person at the grocery store who looks like they've had a harried day.

Maybe it's telling someone how much they have meant to you.

(Tomorrow is National Loving Day, so today would be a good day to get a head-start on that!)

I plan to make a donation to a wonderful charity I support and then write a letter to a family I haven't seen in years and let them know how their kindness and involvement in my life altered it in more ways than they could have possibly imagined.

And I'll cuddle my cat, because she loves that.

She loves peonies too.

Now go thee and . . .


(And don't limit your efforts to Today only . . . )

Please share your thoughts  &  Grace-Full comments below!

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